Angelbroking Frauds(Brokerage fraud, Account opening fraud,takes minimum brokerage without indicating)

This is the first time I am blogging out of severe necessity and because I don’t want anyone to be cheated the way I was. It is not the matter of money it is the matter of lies , cheating, and  deceits false charges, even if it takes away a very small amount out of my pocket it is a theft.  When we give out hard earned money to someone we expect them to be totally honest. Angelbroking has cheated me in many ways and I am closing my account with Angelbroking but I think people need to know somethings so that they don’t get cheated the way I am.  I would advice everybody to research very well about angelbroking before they think of opening an account with them however your researches would not help much as they lie on your face. They would lie about the charges as my blog is not enough for the cheating they could have done.  One of my friends had an account with Angel broking so I opened the website and then came up the contact page I entered my number and a tele sales  representative named Aditya called me up on my mobile phone. He told me that he would offer me 1.5 paisa brokerage for intra day and 15 paisa for delivery he told me that there would not be any account opening charges. He also told me that I would get a windows based software for trading online . All were lies.   Nothing happened. My account was opened I got the mail mentioning my account password and not other contact details. and then I called up the sales executive and he said I would get the call in a day it took about 3 days to call them and then they told me if I want to trade I will only get to trade through calling them or I can use their shitty web based software called angel trade which is very slow and logs you out now and then yes it is no problem that it logs me out but it does not let me log in sometimes the webbased software is shitty. and I also got my back office login and I logged in and found out 20 Rupees were deducted from my account and mentioned it was for franking agreement. I did not care at that time and I  contacted Aditya and told him that I wanted Angel Diet the windows based software which we  previously talked about and he said it would take time as form is to be filled (later I came to know he did filled up the form for angel diet) and it took me a about more then 10 phone calls per day and 6 days. I was transtered to technical department and they tell me you are not allowed angel diet. and then finally a person named Ranjeet promised me to do it however it was saturday so he told me it would be done on monday and it was allowed to install angel diet and then I made two trades with profit.  and when I looked at the back office I was in loss. I wondered how. and It came out to be a dozen of charges that were not mentioned before and a big lie that was mentioned. I was first of all charged Rs.20 for franking agreement, second I was charged for account opening about Rs500 and I was charged the brokerage about 6 paisa. Aditya had already stoped picking up my calls or it had always come out to be switched off before as I guess he was unable to face his lies. and then I called the so called personal dealer who they say is exclusive  appointed for me and who is always busy picking up the calls. and I asked him told him about the account opening charges and the thing I was charged in the name of brokerage charges and he told me that he will call me back and he never called and after 2 days I called him and again he said he would call me aback but never called me and now one relationship manager called her name is Vijaya she said she has forwarded the request for giving back the account opening charges  and then when we had discussion about the rate of brokerage she was clueless and she said that she would call after some time and there is no call yet She called me back an could not explain what were those charges for and now she wanted some time and told me that she would call me after market hours and did not call after those market hours so I called her back and she now said that she has told this thing to his superior and would contact me back shortly. let me see what happens.  Hey sorry I will be back tomorrow I will let you know about the lies for sure. It is a long story and don’t have enough time to write.I have to go for now bye.

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